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Vision Therapy Services

Vision Therapy Services

Do you experience double vision, eye strain, become tired when reading or skip words or lines? Your eyes may not co-ordinate well together and you may have a problem with binocular vision. Vision therapy is a program of eye exercises or vision training which helps eliminate the imbalances and promote smooth eye coordination.
Early intervention is especially important with children. Our range of services for vision therapy in Bedford can help to ensure timely interventions and the most positive outcomes for all ages and requirements.

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Since our eye care clinic was set up in the 1980s, it has grown to boast five optometrists and 24 staff including licensed opticians and contact lens fitters. However, we retain our personal touch when it comes to people who need eye care.
Our state-of-the-art eye examination apparatus and committed, experienced doctors ensure that your eyes receive the best possible corrective treatment or the most suitable eye wear/contact lenses while you experience the highest standard of care and compassion.

Vision Therapy in Bedford for Adults and Kids

Vision therapy or vision training is meant to improve vision skills such as eye coordination, eye movement, etc., with the emphasis on binocular vision and eye movement problems, eye fatigue and so on. Issues with focusing on near and far objects, alignment with near and far vision, depth perception are some of the areas visited.

The wearing of convex or concave lenses, various eye exercises, and other types of behavioral visual therapy may be prescribed depending upon what the issues are and what is deemed to be the correct approach to resolve those issues after thorough diagnosis and careful consideration. The age of the person may also have bearing on the type of treatment suggested.

Step in for treatments relating to vision therapy in Bedford. We offer comprehensive eye examination including baby checkups (to detect problems in babies as young as 6 months before they escalate). We stock a range of eyewear and lenses to restore normal vision — you can check out our Eyewear gallery to view options such as progressive lenses, frames for special needs children, and so on. We also offer solutions for other eye problems such as low vision, dry eye disease, and problems stemming from TBI (traumatic brain injury). 

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