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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy

Do you experience double vision, eye strain, become tired when reading or skip words or lines? Your eyes may not co-ordinate well together and you may have a problem with binocular vision. Vision therapy is a program of eye exercises or vision training which helps eliminate the imbalances and promote smooth eye coordination. Early intervention is especially important with children.

Bedford Eye Care - Finalist for 2017 Business of the Year in the Halifax Business Awards

Bedford Eye Care is a Finalist for Business of the Year!

We are so very grateful to our patients, the community and the outstanding service team in the practice for the support you all continue to show to us in our many years in business.

We're honoured to be selected by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce among a diverse group of outstanding and well-known finalists for this prestigious award. We believe it's a reflection of the commitment we have to delivering the highest quality care to our patients and for pushing into new areas of innovative care, including our new dry eye and traumatic brain injury clinics, as well as our commitment to patient and public education in these critical new areas of research and treatment.