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Laser Vision Correction Halifax

Laser Vision Correction Halifax

What is it, who can have it, and what you can expect — all your questions about laser vision correction in Halifax answered

Many of our patients are opting for a new form of vision correction...using the excimer laser to re-sculpt the eyes to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Depending on your prescription, there are a number of different procedures available to reduce or even eliminate your need for glasses.

Increasingly, people are now opting for laser procedures to correct vision problems because of how quick, safe, and effective these procedures have now become. Our team of highly skilled dedicated eye doctors has been offering services for laser vision correction in Halifax, Bedford, and Lower Sackville for many years now.

At Bedford Eye Care Centre, our team of optometrists and other staff is fully equipped to offer different types of laser eye surgery. Starting with state-of-the-art eye examinations, we will make a full evaluation and offer you a range of possible options so that you can choose the best option and one that makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle.

Who Can Choose Laser Vision Correction?

Many people with vision problems can, and now choose to opt for laser eye surgery — whether you have myopia (nearsighted), hypermetropia (farsighted), have astigmatism or presbyopia, laser procedures can help to correct the issues you face.

This helps to reduce reliance on eye glasses or contact lenses very dramatically; in cases to eliminate reliance upon these altogether. The doctors at our office provide all pre and post operative care and can refer you to an appropriate surgical facility.

Candidacy Examination for Laser Vision Correction in Halifax

Laser eye surgery is generally very safe and has a largely excellent track record for safety as well as efficacy. An overwhelming number of people are satisfied with the results when they opt for these procedures. However it is important to remember that not everyone can opt for these procedures.

Some people may not be good candidates of some types of surgery either because of the type or extent of vision problems they suffer from. Some candidates may be advised to undergo trials with contact lenses to determine how well they would adjust to a permanent surgical procedure if opted for.

Your doctor will perform a very specific examination to determine if laser surgery will be safe for you and to precisely gather all the data required. The accuracy of your pre-operative tests is critical when programming the laser and will determine your surgical outcome. More specialized testing is also required at the Laser Centre. You will be completely informed about your likely surgical outcome, your potential risks, what to expect during your surgery day and during your post-operative healing period.

Managing Your Care

One of the most important aspects of good laser surgery is the after-care provided. It is imperative that you are examined carefully during your first year after surgery to determine if any sight-threatening complications are developing. Complications, although rare, must be detected and treated early to ensure that you enjoy the best vision possible.

The media recently ran an article indicating that 58 percent of patients having laser surgery failed a night vision test due to the development of night glare. Unfortunately, the study releasing these results, involved only 38 patients using first generation lasers from six years ago.

The flurry of media attention following this article has created an unrealistic fear of the risks of laser surgery. In fact, laser vision correction is safe and very effective, so long as proper evaluations are done beforehand and the right procedures are opted for. 
Although no surgical procedure is without risk, today's laser technology is much less likely to cause visual performance problems for patients than older technology and procedures.

It is critical for patients to be properly and thoroughly evaluated prior to going ahead with surgery to determine if they are an appropriate candidate for laser vision correction.

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