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Artwork for sale!

Our new office at 36 Duke St. features beautiful art by local artists that are available for purchase.

Artwork for sale!

Lisa Wright is a member of Crossroads Artists in St. Margaret's Bay. 

In her own words...

The Abstract Expressionists are my foundation for technique and freedom of expression. My art is non-objective and has many layers. I paint intuitively by reacting to an experience: storms, a brilliant sun, the sound of wind in the trees or interpreting the depth of a person’s gaze. Movement, power and drama can be found there. I create so that you will experience something personal inside my painting. Your unique perspective is the art.

Examples of her beautiful artwork can be found at: http://www.crossroadartists.ca/projects/4511085#1

Artwork for sale!

Gail Sutherland is a Bedford Resident.

About Gail....

Gail Sutherland is originally from Montreal and moved to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in the spring of 1990 with her husband. She obtained her Fine Arts degree at John Abbott College then completed her BFA at Concordia University, specializing in graphic Design.

Gail works primarily in watercolor for it’s luminosity and spontaneous nature, although she may combine it with other mediums to obtain the results she desires. The scenic and diverse landscape of Nova Scotia is the departure and inspiration for most of her paintings.

Her work has been featured at local venues and galleries throughout the province or for private viewing she can be reached at her studio in Bedford.

You can view her lovely paintings on her website at: http://www.gailsutherland.ca/index.html

Artwork for sale!

Kimberley Eddy is a Bedford Resident.

In her own words...

Having lived near the ocean all her life, water and nature are main sources of inspiration for her art. The ever changing temperament of the sea captivates her imagination. The ocean can be angry, calm, moody, or even passive. In addition, emotions and how they relate to colour comes into play in Kimberley`s works. She hopes to convey a specific energy to her audience and elicit an affecting response, although she deeply believes that art is a very individual experience. Each person interprets what they see in their own unique way. The names of her paintings often have a subtle second meaning, sometimes only known to the artist, other times easily interpreted by the viewer. Kimberley prefers to work with acrylic and sometimes incorporates ink into her art. Typically, she finds a deep sense of calm while creating her works. Painting is like a form of meditation; a time for reflection, contemplation and deliberation.

Bedford Eye Care - Finalist for 2017 Business of the Year in the Halifax Business Awards

Bedford Eye Care is a Finalist for Business of the Year!

We are so very grateful to our patients, the community and the outstanding service team in the practice for the support you all continue to show to us in our many years in business.

We're honoured to be selected by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce among a diverse group of outstanding and well-known finalists for this prestigious award. We believe it's a reflection of the commitment we have to delivering the highest quality care to our patients and for pushing into new areas of innovative care, including our new dry eye and traumatic brain injury clinics, as well as our commitment to patient and public education in these critical new areas of research and treatment.