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Eye Examinations

Bedford Eye Care Centre takes pride in providing a very thorough eye examination with the very latest in instrumentation. Our comprehensive eye examination includes testing for glaucoma and numerous other eye diseases.

Our office uses some of the most advanced diagnostic tools available, including:

Visual Fields

This test is performed on all patients. Subtle losses of peripheral vision can indicate the development of optic nerve damage such as glaucoma or can even pick up neurological problems, such as brain tumours. Click here to view a printout of a glaucomatous visual field.

Optomap Retinal Scanner

The Optomap Retinal Scanner is now an integral part of our eye health assessment, providing us with an unprecedented panoramic view of the back of the eye. This technology allows us to detect eye diseases at earlier stages, diagnose conditions more easily, review the images immediately with patients, email them directly to specialists when making referrals and keep a permanent copy to allow us to follow the progression of eye disease. The Optomap exam is fast, easy, comfortable and safe. Click here to learn more about this exciting technology and see actual Optomap images.

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer)

The Bedford Eye Care Centre is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new eye care instrument to our office, the OCT. (Optical Coherence Tomographer)

This amazing instrument allows our doctors to view the retina in unprecedented detail. Until now, we were only able to look at the surface of the retina. The OCT allows us to view the retinal structure right down to the cellular level.

OCT image of the retina showing retinal swelling

3D retinal analysis

The OCT allows us to detect and diagnose eye diseases at much earlier stages. This is not a routine test and is normally ordered by your optometrist if she suspects some form of pathology in the eye that needs to be investigated in more detail.

The OCT performs a myriad of tests, but is primarily used in the analysis of diseases like macular degeneration, diabetic damage to the retina, drug toxicity, glaucoma and retinal disease.

OCT glauoma analysis

The OCT at the Bedford Eye Care Centre also has the capability of analyzing the cornea or the front surface of the eye, as well as the iris (coloured part of the eye) and the lens. This allows us to detect corneal diseases early and do additional testing for glaucoma and laser surgery and cataract assessments.

OCT image of the cornea

Microperimetry is another feature of this particular OCT which allows the doctors to accurately map the sensitivity of any area of the retina. This can be particularly useful in glaucoma detection, but also allows us to diagnose ocular tumours and check for damage from drugs that can be toxic to the retina.

OCT Microperimetry overlay on a retinal topographic analysis

The instrument also stores your data so that repeat measurements can be compared by the computer to previous scans.

If a disease is detected that requires referral to an Ophthalmologist, the OCT images can be sent to the eye surgeon prior to your appointment.

Corneal Topography

This instrument maps the surface architecture of the cornea and allows us to detect corneal pathology and also to fit specialized contact lenses, such as Paragon CRT. Click here to view a corneal topography printout.

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