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Caring Eye Doctors in Bedford

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When you’re looking for a comprehensive eye care provider to care for both you and your family, Bedford Eye Care is the best choice. With eye exams designed to not only keep your eyes healthy but to also check for any degenerative diseases, rest assured that you’re always getting the optimum eye care. Our optometrists are professionals who put your needs above anything else.

When you’re searching for an eye doctor in Bedford, don’t let our team pass you by. Our comprehensive eye exams will test for both glaucoma and diseases all while helping you see and feel better.

If you’re in need of care for your contact lenses or glasses, our eyewear and contact services are perfect. Don’t jump into contact wearing alone. Our optometrist in Halifax will help you fit them into your eyes, teach you about care and treatment, and show you how to keep your eyes healthy during wear. We’ll talk to you about whether or not contacts are right for you and your sight. If contacts aren’t an option, we can help you find the right eyewear and designer brands to make getting your vision to 20/20 easier.

Choose Bedford Eye Care for Your Optometrists in Halifax

Regardless of what eye care services you’re looking for in Halifax or Bedford, Bedford Eye Care can meet your needs. If you are tired of fighting with contacts or glasses, our team also offers Lasik eye surgery to help you get your vision back.

Our team can also work to encourage eye therapy, disease treatment, degeneration screening. From an early age to adulthood to elderly vision care, we are certified and educated to give you the best treatment. Our optometrist in Halifax is dedicated to putting your unique needs first.

Don’t let your vision slip away. Make sure you’re treating your eyes to the same health care and treatment as you do your body. Schedule regular checkups with our eye doctor in Bedford to ensure your eyes stay healthy for years to come. We’ll screen for any issues that may arise and keep you seeing the world more clearly.

  • Eye Examinations

    Eye Examinations

    Bedford Eye Care takes pride in providing a very thorough eye examination with the very latest in instrumentation. Our comprehensive eye examination includes testing for glaucoma and numerous other eye diseases.

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  • Eyewear Gallery

    Eyewear Gallery

    Our office offers a wide selection of fashionable frames for the whole family, from everyday frames to sport frames, sunglasses and even prescription swimming goggles.

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  • Well Baby Check

    Well Baby Check

    Eye examinations for infants? You bet! Our doctors can perform a comprehensive eye examination on children as young as 6 months old. Good vision is one of our most precious gifts.

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  • Laser Vision Correction Halifax

    Laser Vision Correction Halifax

    Many of our patients are opting for a new form of vision correction... using the excimer laser to resculpt the eyes to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

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  • Contact Lenses

    Contact Lenses

    Today's contact lenses are designed to fit patients with a wide range of needs, including astigmatism, bifocals and dry eyes. We fit conventional lenses, rigid lenses and disposable lenses for the ultimate in convenience.

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  • Low Vision

    Low Vision

    Our office provides low vision services to help visually-impaired patients make use of their remaining vision through the use of various magnifiers and high-tech devices.

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  • Vision Therapy Services

    Vision Therapy Services

    A program of eye exercises or vision training which helps eliminate the imbalances and promote smooth eye coordination.

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    In 2012, Bedford Eye Care became the first optometry clinic to treat patients with post concussion symptoms. We are now able to treat patients who have had a concussion &/or whiplash type injury and have disturbing visual and balance issues that do not resolve with time.

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  • Dry Eye Disease

    Dry Eye Disease

    Bedford Eye Care is excited to be the first dry eye clinic in the Maritimes to offer a state-of-the art dry eye diagnostic and treatment facility, including Lipiflow. Visit www.lipiflow.com for more information.
    Lipiflow treatment

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