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The Bedford Eye Care Centre, eye doctors in Bedford NS, prides itself on providing some of the most extensive eye care services in Metro. Our eye examinations are truly state-of-the art; however, we never lose sight of our number one priority... you! All of the optometrists and staff strive to develop long-term, real relationships with our patients so we always to take the time to find the best solution to your visual needs with empathy and compassion.

  • Eye Examinations

    Eye Examinations

    Bedford Eye Care Centre takes pride in providing a very thorough eye examination with the very latest in instrumentation. Our comprehensive eye examination includes testing for glaucoma and numerous other eye diseases.

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  • Eyewear Gallery

    Eyewear Gallery

    Our office offers a wide selection of fashionable frames for the whole family, from everyday frames to sport frames, sunglasses and even prescription swimming goggles.

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  • Well Baby Check

    Well Baby Check

    Eye examinations for infants? You bet! Our doctors can perform a comprehensive eye examination on children as young as 6 months old. Good vision is one of our most precious gifts.

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  • Laser Vision Correction

    Laser Vision Correction

    Many of our patients are opting for a new form of vision correction... using the excimer laser to resculpt the eyes to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

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  • Contact Lenses

    Contact Lenses

    Today's contact lenses are designed to fit patients with a wide range of needs, including astigmatism, bifocals and dry eyes. We fit conventional lenses, rigid lenses and disposable lenses for the ultimate in convenience.

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  • Low Vision

    Low Vision

    Our office provides low vision services to help visually-impaired patients make use of their remaining vision through the use of various magnifiers and high-tech devices.

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  • Vision Therapy

    Vision Therapy

    A program of eye exercises or vision training which helps eliminate the imbalances and promote smooth eye coordination.

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    Bedford Eye Care is pleased to announce that we have started a brand new specialty in our practice.. the only one of its kind in Nova Scotia. We are now able to treat patients who have had a concussion &/or whiplash type injury and have disturbing visual and balance issues that do not resolve with time.

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  • Dry Eye Disease

    Dry Eye Disease

    Bedford Eye Care is excited to be the first dry eye clinic in the Maritimes to offer a state-of-the art dry eye diagnostic and treatment facility, including Lipiflow. Visit www.lipiflow.com for more information.
    Lipiflow treatment

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