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Eye Doctors in Bedford

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Every week, the Bedford Eye Care, eye doctors in Bedford, posts topics of interest, including eye health and general health news as well as news about our office. Feel free to comment on any of the blog posts or ask us a question at info@bedfordeyecarecentre.ca ... we are more than happy to answer!

Eye Doctors in Bedford

Another great source of patient information is the Doctors of Optometry Canada website. http://doctorsofoptometry.ca/

They also have a great selection of answers to eye patient questions on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/DoctorsofOptometry


Ronit Furst video. Watch celebrity testimonials about their hand-painted frames.

Various celebrities talk about how much they love their Ronit Furst hand painted frames. We have them here at Bedford Eye Care!


Canadian Business Spotlight on Nikon

Informative video about Nikon and the quality optical lenses they manufacture. Our patients 'see the difference' with Nikon lenses.

Winner of Bedford Eye Care ‘Win Your Eye Wear’ December 2012 Promotion!

We have a winner for our December promotion! Robin Fulton won a beautiful pair of Silhouette crystal frames and progressive lenses. She just loves the...