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Bedford Eye Care introduces osmolarity testing to our Dry Eye Assessment

Osmolarity testing is one of the latest advances in dry eye diagnosis and treatment. It allows us to be able to more scientifically determine if the patient does have dry eye disease and once treated, it can help us determine if the treatment is working.

Bedford Eye Care introduces osmolarity testing to our Dry Eye Assessment

Bedford Eye Care is the first clinic in the Maritimes to offer a complete solution to dry eye disease. Our in-depth dry eye assessment allows the doctor to determine exactly why your eyes are dry and formulate a treatment plan that is customized to each patient.

Dry eye disease is very complex, resulting from various issues such as aqueous deficiency, lipid deficiency, inflammation, parasites, bacteria, lid anomalies, blinking anomalies, etc.
In some cases, patients can present with what appears to be dry eye, when in fact their symptoms are caused by another issue such as allergy, binocular vision problems or excess conjunctival tissue.

Osmolarity testing is an objective measurement that helps us to determine if the patient actually does have dry eye disease. The instrument samples the tear film to determine just how ‘salty’ the tears are. The higher the saltiness or osmolarity, the drier the eye.

The instrument can be very valuable for two reasons:
1. It can help us identify patients who do not have dry eye disease. Numbers below 290, are usually normal. This means we have to investigate further to figure out why the patient has discomfort issues.
2. Once a diagnosis of dry eye is made, we can monitor the patient’s recovery by re-measuring osmolarity to see if we can bring their ‘number’ down into the normal range.

Bedford Eye Care prides itself on always staying up-to-date with the latest technology to both diagnose and treat dry eye disease.


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