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Tranquileyes goggles are designed to provide you with dry eye relief overnight by bathing the eyes in moisture while you sleep. Tranquileyes goggles are recommended for people who suffer from dry eyes, particularly upon awakening.


Tranquileyes have beautifully sculpted, anatomically designed eye covers that are made from medical grade, flexible rubber material that is FDA approved. The goggles seal only the area required to control the desired environment, delivering complete darkness and exceptional comfort. The eye covers rest on the orbital bones, avoiding any restriction of blood flow to vital arteries above the nose and do not place unnecessary pressure on the sensitive blood vessels under the eye. All eye covers are Latex free.

Eye Cushions

Adhered to each eye cover are comfortable eye cushions made from visco-elastic foam. The foam is specially designed to form to the face when warmed by body heat and provide increased comfort while creating a complete seal of the orbital area. This seal helps to control the temperature and humidity around the eyes and surrounding area. All foam is Latex free.

Moisture Pads

Placed in each eye cover is a small pillow of visco-elastic foam called a moisture pad. The moisture pads can be removed and soaked in warm or cold water for desired result. Warm water creates the Moist Heat Therapy for relieving dry eyes and cold water creates the Cold Therapy for helping to reduce puffiness and soothe eye allergies. All foam is Latex free.

Comfort Wrap

A uniquely designed comfort wrap holds the eye covers in place. The comfort wrap is wide in the back and narrows toward the temples for maximum comfort. The wrap is easily adjusted with two sliders, to ensure a custom fit and complete seal of the tranquileyes to the eye area.