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Blepharitis (an inflammation of the eyelid) and dry eye are characterized by bacterial overgrowth on the lids. These bacteria are central to the etiology of blepharitis and exacerbate dry eye. Also, punctal plugs that are helpful in treating dry eye become colonized by bacteria. In addition, the bacteria on the eyelid can cause eye infections in anyone, including the eye infection seen after eye surgery or eye injections called “endophthalmitis.”

While daily lid hygiene is important for everyone, and especially important for patients with these conditions, patients have had to make do with diluted mixtures of baby shampoo or soap-pads designed to remove eye makeup.

Linalool, a key ingredient in TheraLid, is a naturally-occurring liquid distilled from plant oils with wide use in personal care products based on its pleasant floral scent. It is found in many flowers and spice plants, as well as in tea tree oil. Linalool has been formulated into TheraLid to create a “gentle-on-the-eye” eyelid cleanser that cleanses yet, with its pH-matched-to-skin formula, helps maintain the skin oils that have antibacterial properties, and provide the skin with a natural defense.

Pumped onto and then applied directly with clean fingertips, TheraLid conditions the delicate eyelid skin while providing effective lid hygiene with comfort and convenience.


Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelids caused by increased bacteria on the eyelid margins and eyelashes. Doctors generally recommend you use TheraLid twice daily.

Dry eye

Dry eyes contain increased bacteria on the eyelids and eyelashes that contribute to dry-eye irritation. Doctors generally recommend you use TheraLid twice daily.

Before eye surgery

In the operating room immediately before surgery, doctors take special care to clean and disinfect the eyelids and adjacent skin to help avoid infections after surgery. Now you can prepare your eye for this process by starting TheraLid in the days leading up to eye surgery. Doctors generally recommend you start using TheraLid twice a day 3 days before surgery, and leave it in place for 60 seconds for maximum effectiveness.