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Today, ACUVUE® Brand Soft Disposable Contact Lenses remain the number one brand in the world. The ACUVUE® Brand is worn by more people globally than any other contact lens brand. The ACUVUE® Brand is truly transforming the world's vision by providing an outstanding range of contact lens options to meet the vision needs and wants of just about everyone requiring vision correction.

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Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism

Why ask for them?
Maybe you've been told you can't wear contacts because you have astigmatism. Or perhaps you're experiencing discomfort, blurred or fluctuating vision with your current lenses. Now with ACUVUE® OASYS® Brand for ASTIGMATISM you can leave all that behind.
We combined the visual stability of our revolutionary Accelerated Stabilization Design and the exceptional comfort of HYDRACLEAR® Plus technology to form a lens like no other. The result is consistently clear vision that's remarkably comfortable – even for people with an active lifestyle.
Advanced Design
Accelerated Stabilization Design (ASD) uses the power of every blink to help keep your vision crisp, clear, and stable all day long - even for people with an active lifestyle.
ASD helps minimize shifting and lens rotation to keep your lenses right where they need to be. ASD lenses feature four zones of stability, instead of the single ballast zone found in most astigmatic lenses. The result is exceptional stability and crisp vision.