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Lafont Paris Eyewear

  • Lafont Paris Eyewear

    In August of1923, LOUIS LAFONT opened an optical shop in the Madeleine area of Paris... The story begins...we still have some of the frames manufactured and sold by Loui Lafont. Through the year this collection has been developed with styles from all over the world. A unique collection of hundreds of pieces.You can discover the most amazing pieces in our exclusive shops. Optician & eyewear manufacturer from the 30's until now, our knowledge and values has been transmitted troughout the different generations of LAFONT... More than 30 years of creation, a constant work on the design... a mix of materials, and colors... The LAFONT know-how... The personality of a LAFONT is balance between its shape and its color choice.

    A unique choice, with more than 200 colors in our collection. An eyewear tradition & made in France quality... A mix of craftmanship and high technology manufacturing. Paris is a constant source of inspiration for more than 30 years...Architecture, art galleries, museums and the feel the city.