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Eye Glasses in Halifax

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Feel free to browse our product lines of eye glasses in Halifax before coming into our office to try frames on in person. You can also place orders for contact lenses and solution refills here.


  • Oxibis Eyewear – France

    The art of OXIBIS is the creation of a frame at once creative and valanced. The design is always polished, carefully crafted with a touch of creativity that is the trade mark of OXIBIS. Ask any opticians, OXIBIS frames are easy to wear while keeping an original flair.

    Each OXIBIS line has it’s own disctinctive style : metal, acetate or hybrid frames ; cercled, wire or pierced. They reach a wide range of dynamique men and women, looking for a colorful, creative and trendy frame.

  • Liz Claiborne eyewear

    Liz Claiborne optical frames and R-Xable sunglasses collections, like  the women’s clothing collections, are targeted at women searching for a modern style, high quality and value, in which wearability is accompanied by a design which  ranges between classicism and modernity.

  • Easyclip eyewear

    Easyclip was the first eyewear collection to introduce its patented magnetic clip technology that transforms prescription frames into stylish sunglasses. Easy clip magnets integrate rare earth neodium which are ten-times stronger than conventional ferrous magnets ensuring a seamless solid-fitting clip-on. Each clip is made of a polarized lens to ensure relaxed vision for enhanced clarity on even the brightest of days. Easyclip's patented technology not only offers the ultimate in convenience and simplicity but is also distinguished for its exceptional durability and protection without ever compromising on trendsetting designs and distinctive styles.

  • Nike Eyewear

    Nike is the worlds largest athletic company. The Nike mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world (* If you have a body you are an athlete). Nike's eyewear collection meets the needs of every athlete*, from the elite to the sport inspired. True to its mission, the Nike eyewear collection offers superior technology such as Nike's patented Max Optics and Engineered Tints, ventilation, secure wrap temples, and Flexon memory metal. Nike eyewear offers something for everyone.

  • Kate Spade

    utility, wit and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of kate spade new york. as our world expands, our graceful, exuberant approach to the everyday is evident in every category we enter, from handbags and clothing to jewelry, shoes, stationery, glasses, baby and home.
    kate spade new york has thirty-eight retail shops across the united states, and is sold in every time zone and on every continent. whether in macau or michigan, our shops are always warm and inviting.

    welcome to kate spade new york.

  • Lafont Paris Eyewear

    In August of1923, LOUIS LAFONT opened an optical shop in the Madeleine area of Paris... The story begins...we still have some of the frames manufactured and sold by Loui Lafont. Through the year this collection has been developed with styles from all over the world. A unique collection of hundreds of pieces.You can discover the most amazing pieces in our exclusive shops. Optician & eyewear manufacturer from the 30's until now, our knowledge and values has been transmitted troughout the different generations of LAFONT... More than 30 years of creation, a constant work on the design... a mix of materials, and colors... The LAFONT know-how... The personality of a LAFONT is balance between its shape and its color choice.

    A unique choice, with more than 200 colors in our collection. An eyewear tradition & made in France quality... A mix of craftmanship and high technology manufacturing. Paris is a constant source of inspiration for more than 30 years...Architecture, art galleries, museums and the feel the city.

  • Sillhouette

    Silhouette began with a vision – eyewear as an accessory – in 1964, and is now the leading brand in lite eyewear worldwide. Under this brand, the lightest eyewear in the world is mostly handcrafted in an individual design, employing the best materials and the latest technologies. With the rimless, screwless, hingeless, and virtually weightless Titan Minimal Art, this Austrian family business has revolutionized the eyewear market. Silhouette eyewear has been on more than 30 NASA missions in outer space, tours around the world with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and is the eyewear of choice for big names in entertainment, business, and politics.

    Lightness materialized


    Minimalism is an important fundamental principle of design. Not a dictate of fashion, but the absolute timeless consciousness of what seems essential to us. The secret of minimalistic design and the unsurpassed wearing comfort of Silhouette eyewear lies, among other things, in the SPX®+ polymer composite, whose ground-breaking potential revolutionized the lightness of Silhouette's eyewear design. The secret behind SPX®+? S stands for Silhouette, P for polyamide, X for the design-related choice of materials.

    The vision: eyewear made of SPX®+ that can be combined with other high-quality materials such as high-tech titanium – formal, puristic, slim, flowing and dynamic, with no sharp edges, a soft feel and super-flexible temples, with no screws, no hinges. With passion, patience, perfection and the specially developed polymer composite SPX®+, this vision became reality.

    Feel Lite. Show Style.


    Minimalism is everywhere. At a time when practically anything is technologically possible, when 'anything goes' is just an empty catchphrase, lightness and trim structures are no longer a promise, but reality.

    We look for relaxation, fun, and spontaneity – we discover lightness and make a lifestyle of leisure – without taking life too lightly. „Feel Lite, Show Style“ is the promise of the Silhouette eyewear brand, promoting the lite way of life.

  • Oga

    Scandinavian spirit: masculine design and functionality. An uncompromising, discerning style, where the comfort of the frames in no way detracts from the originality of the design.

  • Mexx Eyewear

    Mexx puts a positive view of the world at the center of its philosophy. Designers from a variety of countries create products for Mexx that are continuously winning awards and distinctions for their innovative design.

    Welcome to the exciting world of Mexx!


  • Nicole Miller Eyewear

    The Nicole Miller eyewear collection reflects the brand's codes with a strong identity, in keeping with the Nicole Miller style. The collection offers a wide range of rich colors with exquisite detail and on-trend shapes that appeal to the Nicole Miller customer of today. The five themes in the Nicole Miller eyewear collection- celtic, bicycles and bicycle parts, nstar, grafik, material effects- features elements from each inspiration combined with masterful artistry and gorgeous color combinations to create inspired looks that are singular and adventurous. In the image of Nicole Miller's sense of beauty, the Nicole Miller logo is discrete, in tune with todays toned down aesthetics. New York City street names are used to reflect Nicole Miller's New York City lifestyle and urban influence. European and Canadian influences are also felt in the collection.

  • Entourage of 7 luxury eyewear Los Angeles

    Entourage of 7 is luxury eyewear based in Los Angeles and influenced by the city in which it originates. In the City of Angles - an ever-changing multicultural melting pot, we find joy in pushing forward, constantly reminding ourselves to always be courageously creative. We aim to design beautiful spectacles for our rockers and rollers, lovers and sinners at Venice Beach – the birthplace of Entourage of 7.

    We base our design philosophy on the heritage of Los Angeles eyewear - but not resting here. Always keeping our eyes and mind open to new ideas we manufacture our eyeglasses in Japan and Denmark. A great mix of tradition and cutting edge technology ensures a constant flow of creative ideas pushing our designs to new limits. From classic Japanese hinges with double rivets hammered into zyl acetate frames to laser cut aluminum alloys and titanium we honor both the vintage traditions and embrace progress. Just like Los Angeles is constantly changing – so are we!

    What does Entourage of 7 mean?
    7 – the Good Luck number was also the amount of members at the founding meeting of the company. 7 industry insiders deciding to follow their intuition and dream starting their own eyewear brand. Founder Jakob Talbo is to this day still head of design at Entourage of 7.

    In 2013 Entourage of 7 became a part of Bellinger House – not only a strategic decision in positioning the brand but even more the result of a longtime friendship between Malene and Claus Bellinger and Jakob Talbo.

  • Modo Eyewear

    Modo was born in 1990 in Soho, New York, under the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Alessandro Lanaro. Modo has evolved into a company that designs, manufactures and distributes a successful portfolio of house brands, designer brands and contemporary lifestyle brands – all under the common denominator of design and innovation.

    Our brands include Modo, Eco, Derek Lam, Jason Wu and 7 For All Mankind. Modo is a global company with offices in New York, Milan and Stockholm.

    Today, Modo drives the eyewear industry’s effort in sustainability and social responsibility. With initiatives like producing frames with recycled content or biobased materials (Eco brand), planting trees for every frame sold (Eco’s “one frame – one tree”), giving free spectacles to those in need (Modo’s “buy a frame – give a frame”), Modo is a pioneer in merging style and purpose.

  • Eco Eyewear

    Modo was born in 1990 in Soho, New York, under the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Alessandro Lanaro. Modo has evolved into a company that designs, manufactures and distributes a successful portfolio of house brands, designer brands and contemporary lifestyle brands – all under the common denominator of design and innovation.

    Our brands include Modo, Eco, Derek Lam, Jason Wu and 7 For All Mankind. Modo is a global company with offices in New York, Milan and Stockholm.

    Today, Modo drives the eyewear industry’s effort in sustainability and social responsibility. With initiatives like producing frames with recycled content or biobased materials (Eco brand), planting trees for every frame sold (Eco’s “one frame – one tree”), giving free spectacles to those in need (Modo’s “buy a frame – give a frame”), Modo is a pioneer in merging style and purpose.

  • JOOly Eyewear

    What makes women vibrate? What do they have in common? What could be translated into a collection of glasses for them?
    Love, courage, willingness, naturalness… noticeable values in our products and in our design process. But above all, their interest in fashion and all its codes.
    JOOly allows women to stand out by wearing glasses that reveal their style, their clothing preferences and their personality. Combining subtle inspiration and fashion eyewear design, JOOly decrypts essential fashion dress and embodies them in a collection of high detail glasses, graphic design and color… a collection that will grow over patterns and seasons.

  • Tom Ford Eyewear

    Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tom Ford is among the most highly respected and successful designers today. The winner of numerous design awards, his rise in fashion began in 1994, when he became creative director of Gucci. Not only did he dramatically change the image of the legendary fashion house, he also led the company to unprecedented success with his visionary insight into what the modern consumer desires. His innovative and provocative designs set the tone for an entirely new direction in the world of luxury goods. In 2000, Ford also took creative control of Yves Saint Laurent, a Gucci Group brand, reviving it with his trademark combination of sensuality and mystique.

    In April 2005, one year after leaving Gucci Group, he announced the creation of the TOM FORD brand. A beauty and eyewear collection launched in 2005 and 2006. In April 2007, his first directly operated retail store opened in New York at 845 Madison Avenue to coincide with the debut of the signature TOM FORD Menswear and Accessory Collection. Several landmark fragrances were launched in succession, including TOM FORD BLACK ORCHID and TOM FORD GREY VETIVER, as well as a scent collection for perfume connoisseurs called PRIVATE BLEND.

    In 2009, Ford directed, produced and co-wrote his first feature film entitled “A SINGLE MAN” through his film production company, FADE TO BLACK. The Oscar nominated film has received multiple awards including the 2009 Best Actor award for Colin Firth at the Venice Film Festival.

    In February 2011, the TOM FORD Womenswear Collection was introduced to clients worldwide. A potent vision of modern, feminine glamour, its exquisitely constructed and beautifully finished suiting, daywear, and eveningwear allow women of all ages to amplify their individuality and present their most glamorous selves to the world.

    In September 2011, TOM FORD introduced his first Cosmetics Collection, a complete range of Color and Skin Treatments.

    Presently, there are 64 freestanding stores and shop-in-shops in locations such as Beverly Hills, London, Milan, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Sydney, Dubai, Beirut, Zurich and Russia.

    Ford currently lives in London, Santa Fe and Los Angeles.

  • Jimmy Choo Eyewear

    Jimmy Choo, an icon of accessories, is positioned in the top end market with metal and acetate sunglasses collections.
    The innovative design emphasises the distinctive Jimmy Choo style, with bright colours and luxury décor, which recall the brand’s accessories.

  • Gucci Eyewear

    This is one of the most famous brands in the world, and surely one of the most renowned in the eyewear market.
    Its collections offer a range of models aimed at combining style and sophisticated needs, all characterised by Gucci’s style and unmistakable iconic elements.
    These products are aimed at both male and female consumers, aged between 20 and 50, and are positioned in the premium and luxury market segment.

  • Woow Eyewear

    The WOOW collection has been imagined by Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent, cofounders of FACE A FACE.

    Between traditional and casual, chick an doff-beat with a 'trendy London' feel, the WOOW style will speak to all women and men with a sense of humor. Anti-crisis eywear! The little message inserted in the end tip of the frame will make the wearer smile first thing in the morning... Better than a coach!

    The WOOW collection is entirely developed by the Design Studio under the direction of Pascal Jaulent, produced and distributed by the FACE A FACE teams.

  • Sho Eyeworks

    Established in 2011 and located in the New York City area, SHO EYEWORKS applies over 75 years of combined experience in building dependable brands, developing superior products, and servicing customers of every major optical market around the world.

    Our goal as an independent eyewear company is to create and distribute collections that balance progressive design innovation, functionality through quality, and practicality of value. SHO EYEWORKS grew through relationships developed and cultivated over many years. Our partners consist of a global network of dedicated individuals and retailers that work tirelessly for the growth of their respective companies, and for the satisfaction of their clients. Our partners share our core values and those of the shokunin craftsmen and women. Our diverse expertise and resources synergize our future growth and success. Over time, our relationships have matured into more meaningful partnerships and friendships. We appreciate and value our strengths while we endeavor to understand our respective weaknesses. This is the key to productivity. Together, we are able to overcome any individual shortcomings with collective experience, and capitalize on our talents for exceptional results. Thank you for being part of SHO EYEWORKS.

  • Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

  • Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear

  • BCBGMaxazria Eyewear

    Inspired by fashion and ornamental style of glamorous jet setters the world over, the BCBGMAXAZRIA optical collection combines and air of European sophistication with youthful American spirit. Our eyewear reflects the same style and attitude of our fashion forward clothing. Featuring rich colors, glamorous 'bling', and intricate, jewellery-inspired accents, the easy-to-wear collection of romantic and avant-garde design, for  looks that are bold, chic and sexy.

  • Christian Lacroix lunettes

    Arguably the most successful eyewear company to appear on the world stage in the past decade, Mondottica is a true world citizen. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the group was founded by a Canadian who runs the company with working shareholders from Germany, Britain, France, India and Australia. From humble beginnings, the company now has offices and operations in Hong Kong, London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Venice, Moscow, New York and Sydney with distribution reach that spans all continents.

    Our company’s motto – Eyewear Brand Partners – is also our mission statement and taken very seriously.To give each brand in our portfolio the respect and understanding necessary to create collections the brand is proud of, and to place these collections with retailers who are best suited to the brand. To our distribution and retail partners we offer exceptionally interesting brands, innovative high quality products, supported by service and programs that can best assure success. To our employees and associates, Mondottica strives to offer a company that is rewarding, creative and fun.

  • Koali Eyewear

    Prescription eyewear and sunglasses for women inspired by the living world: creative, discreet products in exclusive and unusual color combinations.

  • Fysh Eyewear

    UK Urban Kool Eyewear

  • Kliik Eyewear

    We invite you to wear your frames, not just as eyewear, but as part of your fashion wardrobe. KLiiK is with you at work or relaxing at your favorite cafe. It’s exploring the city, meeting friends for dinner, or celebrating on a rooftop. It’s about enjoying every minute, together.

    She connects her passion for fashion to her freedom of expression. She dares to be different and believes innovation begins with attitude. She is strong yet sophisticated. To her, true love and true beauty are simple and timeless. She is confident that less is always more and she trusts that the best things in life just KLiiK.

    He connects his sense of style to the way he views the world. He is silently remarkable and defies the traditional. He exudes a fresh, youthful vibe. His approach in life and love is intense and powerful. He strives for perfection and believes instinctively that what is meant to be will one day come to KLiiK.

  • Hugo Boss Eyewear

  • Carerra Eyewear

    We believe that Passion is the fuel that drives us to move outside of our comfort zones.

    Passion makes us restless, curious and adventurous. It takes us to paces we didn't know existed and gives us experiences we never expected.

    Passion takes us #OUTTHERE

    We are OUT THERE SINCE 1956

  • Swarovski Frames

    Bedford Eye Care is proud to introduce its latest line by Swarovski. The elegant, and luxurious frames are just brilliant!.  Swarovski is known for their beautiful and stylish jewelry that was invented by Daniel Swarovski. He created new cutting and polished crystals for jewelry and accessories. Swarovski is now one of the most well-known jewelry stores around the world. In addition to the variety of jewelry and accessories that Swarovski has to offer, now they introduce the world’s first ever Swarovski eyewear.
    Everyone should feel beautiful and that’s exactly what Swarovski has to offer and also adds some sparkle, what lady doesn't love that?

  • Ronit Furst Hand Painted Eyewear

    Color is our passion

    Each one of our frames is hand painted. This is what gives us the freedom to produce almost every pattern and color combination that we (or rather Ronit) can imagine. Looking closely one can actually see the paintbrush strokes and the texture of the paint, just like a painting on canvas. After the painting is done the frame undergo a special coating procedure, which will give it it's finished look – crystal shiny or sandy matt – and which also protects the painting from dirt and other unwanted effects.

    The frames are designed to look different from every angle, with fine detail and tiny embellishments, graduated color schemes and asymmetric designs. The ethos of the range is to create quirky ,individual styles that capture the wearer's personality.