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News : Dec 1 2009

Theratears Nutrition for eye comfort with Omega 3’s

Supports eye comfort and healthy tears from the inside

While lubricant eye drops work from the outside, TheraTears Nutrition (omega-3 supplement with optimized flaxseed/fish oil blend) taken by mouth, works from the inside.

TheraTears Nutrition - Providing Nutrients to Support Eye Comfort and Healthy Tears

Omega-3 oils are called "essential" fatty acids because good health requires that they be in your diet. The problem is that virtually all of us don't get enough omega-3s in the food we eat. Your body uses omega-3 oils to support healthy tear production that improves eye comfort by keeping the eyes moisturized. TheraTears Nutrition provides all of the omega-3s your eyes need, so as you continue to take it, your eyes will continue to feel their best.

TheraTears Nutrition - How it Works

The oil glands in your eyelids use essential fatty acids to manufacture the oil layer of the tear film. TheraTears Nutrition provides the omega-3s your oil glands need to make the healthy oil that coats your tear film to reduce evaporation. This healthy oil protects and moisturizes the eye and supports healthy tear function.

At the same time the two types of omega-3s in TheraTears Nutrition, from flaxseed oil and fish oil, also protect your lacrimal gland and help it make healthy amounts of tear fluid. As a result TheraTears Nutrition supports healthy, comfortable eyes throughout the day.

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