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News : May 12 2011

Social Media and Bedford Eye Care Centre

Bedford Eye Care Centre has a regular Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Page and YouTube site.

Check out our practice blog in the Learning Centre where Dr. Mandelman posts a weekly blog with interesting health and eye care information.

We also have a very active Facebook Page with practice information, upcoming specials and events, blog posts, videos, links and more!

"Like" our site and you will be entered in a contest to win some fun prizes. Your name will be entered in a draw every time another 100 ‘fans’ are added to the Bedford Eye Care Centre Facebook Page. In other words, we will give away a prize as we reach 300 fans, 400 fans, 500 fans, etc.

Each prize will get bigger and better as we attract more fans. Help us to reach each milestone of 100 fans and win prizes like an iPOD shuffle by 'Liking' our Facebook Page.