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News : Sep 21 2010

New Optomap Retinal Scanner

Our office is pleased to announce the acquisition of the newest version of the Optomap Retinal Scanner. The first Optomap scanner was introduced in our office in February of 2007, so most of you have had an Optomap scan and experienced the amazing ultra-wide view of the retina we can now obtain.

We have recently upgraded the Optomap scanner with a brand new instrument. The new Optomap has extended the view to a full 200 degrees and doubled the resolution of the images. We have found that the increase in resolution has enabled the doctors to view pathology that is just too tiny to see, even with full magnification in our more traditional instruments. We are very pleased to be able to provide the latest in cutting-edge technology to our patients. Detecting, monitoring and treating eye disease at very early stages is key to preventing vision loss.

Optomap scan showing a malignant melanoma tumour